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Suits | There is no other piece of male fashion that gives you more self-confidence. I really love to wear suits and tuxedos, but today it's hard to wear them day in day out without being starred by other people. The fashion had changed a lot the last thirty years, the urban influence on the industry got bigger and bigger so the suit turned into a more festive piece of fashion.
Today, therefore, I would like to go in to bat  for suits. They should be worn more often, especially because of the new young designs and the great fit. If you ask the ladies they would confirm, that a suit has a positive effect on the appeal of a man. So guys wear your favourite suit more often and you'll feel more comfortable in it.
Like Tom Ford always used to say:

Just like girls need to learn to be comfortable in heels before they go out in them for the first time, a man should try wearing a suit throughout a normal day. I do most things in a suit-and sometimes even in a tuxedo-and so I'm really comfortable in one.

With this in mind I would like to present you my new favourite suit from the Fall/Winter collection 2016 by Darkoh.
I really fell for this plum coloured double breasted suit. It combines everything a modern man needs this season. It is classy, without being too conservative because of the perfect slim-fit.
The quality of the fabrics is amazing. Like you could see in the pictures during the shooting it started to rain. I guess there is no bigger stress test than the cold and rainy fall weather here in Germany.
It is made out of 100% wool and kept me completely warm during the whole shooting.
Another big advantage of this suit is definitely the color. If you are absolutely honest how many suits did you have seen at the boutiques in a different color than grey, black, brown and darkblue. I'm sure not a lot. That's why this suit is something very special because it is very plain but with a super interesting and modern twist.

- the outfit -

1. Darkoh suit
2. Mastai Ferretti shirt
3. Saint Laurent shoes
4. Oliver peoples glasses

I'm already a big fan! So if you are interested in that or all the other fantastic pieces by Darkoh just click on the first picture below and you will be led to their online store. Be quick to save your very own special Darkoh suit.


P.s: I decided to share more suit outfitposts soon with you. So stay tuned!


-photocredit: Malte Fock-

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